Original 5'5 Stump 


Koz McRae 

As a third generation Santa Barbara native, the mystique of the ocean, islands, nature and surfing has always been a part of my life.  With old photos of my uncles in Surfer magazine and hearing the names like Yater, Greenough, White Owl and Merrick since before I can remember.  To me the allure of a shaper has always been thought of with great respect and somewhat wizard like or a reclusive craft.   As I grew up, my dad's garage of old longboards and tools became more and more familiar to me.  And following in my Dad's motto of "How can I build it?" before "How can I buy it?" has kept me curious my whole life.  Being able to hand shape surfboards for other like-minded surfers is an honer and a privilege that I am grateful for every time I walk into my shaping bay.